The Best Job in the World

15.01.2009 932 դիտում

To promote the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef, Tourism Queensland has opened a position of an island caretaker, who will have to visit the islands and report to the world by making videos and photos, and writing blogs. Some other responsibilities include feeding fish, cleaning the pool, and collecting the mail.
The island caretaker will have a salary of AUD$150,000(around USD100000 ) for a six-month contract, air ticket from the nearest capital and an accommodation on Hamilton Island.
The applicants should have creativity, presentation skills, enthusiasm for the job and at least one year's relevant experience.
All applicants should make a 60-second video, based on which the selection will take place.
The deadline for application is 22nd of February, 2009. The work starts July 1, 2009.