One day with Benivo Armenia

10/26/2017 8007 views



Interview with Benivo Armenia’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Dmitry Brodsky


-   What qualities your employee should have?

  We believe that companies’ greatest asset is human resources, and because of that we choose our employees based on strict requirements.

We value both professionalism and personal qualities in employee.

Our employee must be:

1. Team Player

2. Hard Worker

3. Professional

  -    Do you have any employee benefit plans?

  We care about health and self-development of our employees. We have health insurance for employees and their families. We also provide employees with opportunities to attend educational, sport or other entertainment activities.

We also work with our London Headquarters on one-week professional exchange programs and workshops. This is also one of many opportunities that our employees receive.  

 -    Do you organize any events?

 We can call Benivo a long term company: we are looking for employees who will stay with us for more than one project. Thus maintaining work-life balance is a priority for this company.

We celebrate all events at our office: birthdays, holidays and etc. We also have team building activities with our staff and their families. This year we went to Yenokavan and Dilijan for a retreat. We strive to keep enjoyable atmosphere at work.

  -    Why work at Benivo?

  We can’t say that Benivo is for everyone. We can state for sure that we are a place for people who like their job, who want to learn and grow in different aspects and mainly want to contribute company's success.


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