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Primary School Homeroom Teacher

Errand HR

Industry: Education, Training, Instruction, Psychology, Social Care
Deadline: 6/23/2023
City: Yerevan
Employment type: Full Time
Work schedule: Five-day workweek
Work experience: Mid level
Open to international applicants
Job posting has expired


Errand HR's partner is looking for a full-time Primary School homeroom teacher position in Yerevan. The Primary School Homeroom Teacher's primary job is to ensure that, in line with the school’s mission and objectives, all pupils learn the content and essential skills at each grade level as detailed in the school's schemes of work. S/he is directly responsible to work with the Headteacher and will work within the framework of school policies, procedures and guidelines. S/he would be working with a dynamic team within the Oxford International Curriculum frames that allow them to have the flexibility and use a creative mindset for their classes. The Oxford International Curriculum is a new approach to teaching and learning focused on wellbeing, which places joy at the heart of the curriculum and develops the skills that learners need for their future academic, personal, and career success. Thus, the school values the input of its teachers in the learning process and their professionalism, readiness to be totally immersed into the multicultural environment, open-mindedness, and creative initiatives. The school primarily caters to the needs of international and Armenian families who require English-language schooling at the same time values the importance of the Armenian language and a topquality educational experience for their children.


1. Planning: To plan and prepare courses, schemes of work and individual lessons; appropriate to the needs, interests, experience and existing knowledge of the pupils in one's class.
2. Setting and Supervising Work by Pupils: To teach a class or classes, sets, groups or individual pupils, and to set tasks to be undertaken, both at school and elsewhere.
3. Marking and Recording: To mark and assess pupils' work and to record their development, progress and attainment. 4. Discipline And Relationships: To take responsibility for maintaining good order, discipline and respect for others, among the pupils, both inside and outside the classroom; to promote understanding of the school's rules and values; to safeguard health and safety; and to develop relationships with and between pupils, conducive to optimum learning. Teachers are expected to role model appropriate use of language and communication.
5. Communication with Parents: To build and maintain co-operative relationships with parents and to communicate with them on pupils' learning and progress, drawing attention to special skills and talents, as well as to problems or difficulties.
6. The Classroom: To maintain an attractive, safe and stimulating classroom environment and to contribute to displays in the school as a whole.
7. Overall Policy and Review: To comply with all school policies and guidelines and take part in whole-school reviews of policy and aims.
8. Reports: To provide or contribute to oral and written assessments, reports and references relating to the development and learning of individual pupils and groups of pupils.
9. Review: To evaluate and review one's own teaching methods, materials and schemes of work, and to make changes as appropriate.
10. Professional Development: To be up–to-date with current educational thinking and practices; to improve one’s pedagogy and understanding of pupils’ behaviour and development, both by study and by attendance at courses, workshops and meetings; and to participate in appraisals and reviews of one's work, arranged by the Headteacher.
11. Public Relations: To establish and maintain co-operative relationships with other Staff members, exhibit appropriate professional conduct and dress, and communicate positive aspects of the school to the public.
12. School Life: To engage in various activities at the school, such as:
• Serve as a home room/class teacher with responsibility, for the day-to-day pastoral care of students;
• To act as a mentor and role model to all DB pupils;
• Participate in off-site student field trips;
• Attend meetings such as staff and departmental meetings;
• Carry out supervisory duties at break/lunch times and at the beginning or end of the school day;
• Participate in parent-teacher meetings;
• Attend special events and support pupil functions outside of the regular school day; • Serve on committees, as required;
• Lead / assist at least one co-curricular activity for students;
• Teach after-school enrichment classes for students identified as needing enrichment or additional reinforcement;
• Providing substitution for other teachers on need-based, as required by the Headteacher.
13. Working days: To maintain regular attendance during all scheduled school days and on those Saturdays when attendance is required for a school and / or staff event /workshop.
14. Additional Duties: To perform any additional duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Head.


Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s in education/early or primary education or any related field

  • Must have a minimum of two/three-years’ work experience teaching school-age children.
  • Has knowledge and experience in childhood education, developmentally appropriate practice, and bilingual education.
  • Highly proficient in spoken and written English
  • Armenian language proficiency will be deemed as privilege
  • First Aid and CPR certification is an asset
  • International experience (either working abroad or for members of the international community) is an asset
  • Strong knowledge of educational techniques and methods for teaching young children
  • Willingness to learn and grow

Additional Notes

All interested candidates are welcome to send their CVs to the email address.

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