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[mn]medianet Armenia

Address: Բաղրամյան 5/ 10
Phone: 37410580455
About Us
[mn]medianet is one of the leading firms competent in creating high-tech building automation systems. Since 1996 [mn]medianet has been planning and designing equipment for a variety of residential and commercial facilities. [mn]medianet with more than 21 years of experience in the premium segment of building automation and technical solutions with the latest technology, offers you tailor-made solutions for the design, development, production, implementation, installation, and maintenance of technically complex building automation systems. The construction of production sites for specific projects not only in Germany, but also in Ukraine, India, plus the flexible installation of temporary offices around the world allowed [mn]medianet to enter the international level in 1996 and remain one of the most experienced firms in planning high-tech residential and commercial facilities. [mn]medianet became a partner in a joint venture in an international consortium to invest in Central Asia and Uzbekistan. The first major contracts worth several hundred million euros are being discussed and signed. [mn]medianet provides services for architects, programmers, engineers throughout the master plan chain. Design, development, programming, production, installation, installation, commissioning, delivery and maintenance of the most complex automation systems of any building. Functionally included the corresponding maximum automation, exquisite consumer electronics, high-tech audio system, home theater, network technology, integrated information and communication technology. Products [mn]medianet is equipment, software, their installation, and safe, long-term operation.

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