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About Us

Planted and established in 2019-2021, our vineyards line the sun-drenched hills thriving in a warm climate over an area of 45 hectares (111 acres) of fertile soil, comprising mainly the Areni and Voskehat varieties. These are the most renowned grape varieties indigenous to Armenia and so representative of the Areni region, known for its millenia-old winemaking traditions dating back to time immemorial. Our vineyards are privately owned by the one family whose interest and modern history in winemaking led them to establish new vines at an elevation of 1,250-1,550 meters above sea level in the village of Rind, Areni municipality, Vayots Dzor province. Designed and built from scratch in a remote, hard-to-access area, secluded from urban infrastructure and human settlements, the vineyards receive precise amounts of water through an advanced drip irrigation system, which allows our grape growers to fully control the quality of wine, starting with each vine row being perfectly timed for harvest. The vineyards' excellent southerly exposure ensures timely ripening and yields harvests of only the highest quality grapes. These prized slopes favored by a southern exposure are unprecedented and hard to replicate in the Areni region, which shows through in the peerless quality of the harvest. The vineyards are cultivated and maintained in strict compliance with the biological resources impact mitigation and eco-sustainability requirements. No herbicides or nitrates are used in the care of our vineyards which can cause the slightest harm to human health.


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