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Globbing LLC

111 subscribers
Address: 44/54 Հրաչյա Քոչարի փողոց, Ереван, Армения
Phone: 060616616
About Us
Globbing is an international corporation that unites 11 countries. The company currently operates in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kuwait and carries out deliveries from 7 countries. It is constantly on the path to global expansion. The world-famous ABC News and NBC News recognized the brand as a mega-successful startup. Prominent for revolutionary and innovative approaches, attitudes and its ambitions to operate around the world, the company aims at creating a whole new shopping experiences for the people around the globe.

Jobs at Globbing LLC

The company currently has no vacancies

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44/54 Հրաչյա Քոչարի փողոց, Ереван, Армения
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