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EveryMatrix AR

20 subscribers
Address: 20 Yervand Kochar Street, Yerevan
Phone: +37455562526
About Us
EveryMatrix started small, with big ideas. In the meantime we managed to fill the shoes and the roles, growing in both size and – we like to think – wisdom. We’ve spread our reach over the continents, taking the meaning of the word global as literally as one can. From the outset in London, 2001, we added Bucharest in 2004, Changsha in 2008, Malta in 2010, Lviv, Manila in 2013, Yerevan in 2015, Copenhagen in 2015, Ho Chi Minh in 2016 and Gibraltar in 2017. We’re over 400 souls now, happily spread across the globe, connecting continents and cultures. The company is based in Bucharest. As a software company it’s rewarding that we can increase our revenues simply by improving our products. It allows us to spend time on things we find important and interesting, things we find will be important in the future as well. We learn from our client and user requests but we have the freedom to make our own decisions. It’s also nice that when we develop software, we develop it for ourselves, we don’t hand over code to someone else and forget about it. The code we build is ours. And when we spend extra time on making it good, scalable, high performance, easy to error fix, then that investment will come back to us over the years to come. We like to write code that we can be proud of. We have vacancies in multiple locations, why don’t you give them a look? Wouldn’t you like to join this band of misfits and see if we hold true to our word to make everything possible? Let your careers grow here, with us. Rush your resume at! For more info about us, our office, culture and fun stuff, visit our blog.

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20 Yervand Kochar Street, Yerevan