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ECLOF Universal Credit Organization

Address: 2/1 Baghramyan str, Etchmiadzin
Phone: 060 373 060
About Us
ECLOF Universal Credit Organization founded by ECLOF Foundation, Armenia in 2006. ECLOF UCO’s Mandate is Microcredit services offer vulnerable and excluded people and groups access to capital resources that enable them to build sustainable livelihoods. This can open up a path from vulnerability to self-reliance and stability. ECLOF’s relationship with clients is a partnership of equals, not the one-way relationship between donor and recipient. Our responsibility is to lend capital on reasonable terms appropriate to the circumstances of our clients. Their duty is to use it well, and then repay it. Both of us do our utmost, in the language of the Gospels, to be excellent stewards of the resources we share. Our highest priority is to reach vulnerable communities, particularly in rural areas, which are excluded from access to formal sources of finance. We support them without regard to gender, race, creed or political persuasion. Human dignity is our goal: a world where all can share the God-given benefits of the Earth in security and without fear for the future.

Jobs at ECLOF Universal Credit Organization

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2/1 Baghramyan str, Etchmiadzin
060 373 060