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Converse Bank CJSC

Address: V.Sargsyan 26/1, Yerevn
Phone: 010 511220
About Us
Converse Bank CJSC is one of the leading banks in Armenia. Our main purpose is secure and reliable allocation of customers' funds, at the same time providing them access to high-quality customer service and competitive banking products. With the support of clients and partners, Converse Bank CJSC has quintupled the number of customers. The Bank's balanced policy is the base of stability as well as a high financial and economic standard. The high professionalism of the staff allows the bank to promptly respond to changes in the existing market and to ensure that the necessary funds are available in the correct directions. The Banks primary focal points are: - Use of new banking technologies - Secure Allocation of customers' funds - Creation and submission of a full package of banking services to the clients. From year to year accompanying the Banks development and growth, the number of Bank employees has also been increased.