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AVC consulting & audit

Myasnikyan Ave., 5/1 Building, 1st Floor (in the building of Institute of Energy) (Kentron adm. district of Yerevan)

About AVC consulting & audit

“AVC consulting and audit” LTD offers the Clients following services:

• physical and juridical persons’ correct ways of accounting, financial reports’ audit with accounts’ reliability audit  conclusion presentation  in accordance with acting legislation of the Republic of Armenia and international accounting standards of the Republic of Armenia,
• implementation, recovery, carry out  of accountancy in accordance with acting legislation of the Republic of Armenia,
• implementation of the accountancy standards of the Republic of Armenia in complex with accountancy software,
• development of the company’s accounting policy,
• real estate assessment,
• actives’ and obligations’ assessment,
• tax consulting,
• creation of business plans,
• dividend policy principles development,
• assistance to the juridical persons’ reorganization by all means allowed by RA Legislation,
• teaching accounting, economics and finance, audit,
• tax and other important payments’ planning and counting,
• analyze financial and economic activities of the enterprises,
• in company owners’ sphere give juridical services,
• business plans’ creation,
• implementation of strong inner control system, making transparent and controlling financial currents, improve • • financial position of the Clients and for improving the profit of Clients’ economics we serve:  
• juridical,
• economic,
• management consulting.