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Amen Inch LLC

Address: Davit Anhaght 10/20, Yerevan, RA
Phone: 033183108
About Us
“Amen-inch LLC” is an Armenian based startup company, established in September, 2020. We have entered the Armenian market with a vision to take the delivery of online purchased goods and services to an altogether different level by introducing techniques and practices that have never been used before; along with timely deliveries and at the best possible rates as compared to all our competitors in the market, today. We at Amen-inch are capable of handling all scales of deliveries using safe, efficient and convenient methods of service, through our state-of-the-art infrastructure and trained staff. We keep a ‘customer driven’ working strategy and customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. With the core principle of keeping up to our deadlines, in the near future, we aim to be the best delivery service provider of online purchased goods, in the Republic of Armenia.

Jobs at Amen Inch LLC

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Davit Anhaght 10/20, Yerevan, RA
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