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Address: 3 Հակոբ Հակոբյան փողոց, Երևան
Phone: +374 60 525 595
About Us
4h is software Development Company, consisting of 18 person, which develops ambitious cloud based training platform as a service. The main goals of the Company are to build a platform which is maximum flexible, cloud based, scalable, and fault tolerant, completely automated, micro-service architecture based software. The current challenges are to finalize test automation including behavior and unit tests, finalize completely decoupled event driven, domain driven and CQRS based micro-service architecture, continuous delivery implemented by using Docker and onto Amazon Web Services. The whole development is handled by five small teams managing two weeks sprint cycles. As the company is a part of a bit bigger distributed development team we’re dealing with different time zones which make our working hours flexible. In our company we do our best to be creative and democratic in all areas and take into account everybody's ideas and opinion especially when it concerns to the work environment and processes. As the main company had doubled client base in 2014 and is forecasting another 40% increase in 2015 we are looking for talented established professionals and junior staff to form two more small development teams.

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3 Հակոբ Հակոբյան փողոց, Երևան
+374 60 525 595