Rides Electrical Supervisor

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Վերջնաժամկետ: 04.06.2020


The Rides Electrical Supervisor is responsible for overseeing electrical maintenance, repairs, and inspection of Rides & Attractions on daily, weekly, monthly, and annual periods, as well as supervise the reactive maintenance and troubleshooting of all Rides. As a Rides Electrical Supervisor, this role is responsible for the training and management of up to 45 Electrical /Mechanical Technicians, detailed work reports and inspection checklists, and ensuring the entire team maintains all rides comprehensively, within standards, and on-time.


  • Ensure all Rides and Attractions Electrical systems & equipment maintains the highest level of safety in accordance with Yerevan Park’s standards and specifications and accepted Ride Manufacturer practices
  • Supervises and ensuring the execution of Daily Inspections, Repair, & Troubleshooting of all Rides and Attractions in Yerevan Park
  • Trains, Manages, directs activities of and provides guidance and leadership to a team of up to 45 Electrical and Mechanical Technicians
  • Performs all technical duties and takes all technical responsibilities in the absence of other Technical support personnel
  • Ensures completion of all relevant documentation, including but not limited to: Inspection Checklists, Inspection Logs, Daily & Monthly Technical Reports
  • In cooperation with the Technical Director and Operations Base, ensure maintenance and filing of documentation and safeguarding and control of confidential and propriety technical documentation
  • Assists the Technical Director in establishing, directing, and administering all operations policies, procedures, and activities.
  • Verify compliance with standard operation procedures, safety regulations, and guidelines; keep up to date with all standards.
  • Assist in conducting training, coaching, and appraisals where necessary for the business and team, staffing and scheduling, keeping the staff motivated, and ensuring a safe, clean, and fun operation.
  • In absence of Technical Director, take an assignment as Tech Manager On Duty (Tech MOD) as needed
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by the Technical Director


  • Minimum of five years’ experience in a position responsible for technical or maintenance areas of operations with direct experience managing maintenance of industrial electrical /electronic systems.
  • Higher education preferably in Electrical/Electronics/Instrumentation Engineering
  • Experience with Controls Systems
  • Knowledge of AC/DC Drives, Variable Frequency Drives, and Encoders
  • Experience in troubleshooting of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Experience in Pneumatics, Hydraulics, and associated Control Systems
  • Additional advantage if with hands-on knowledge of substation breakers & synchronizing panels, Switchyard, HT & LT lines & its corresponding panels, transformer testing, Protection relay testing and troubleshooting of  the mentioned systems
  • Be available to work unscheduled hours to respond to unplanned and/or emergency work. Ability to accommodate a flexible work schedule, including evenings, weekends, and holidays 
  • Be reachable in the park on operating days by working indoors and outdoors in all kinds of weather.
  • Comfortable working at heights of 25m+
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office applications.       
  • Fluent communication in English and Armenian/Russian
  • Ability to successfully handle multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment

Additional Notes

Interested and matching candidates are requested to send their CVs to the mentioned email.

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