MICE / Tourism Manager

Ոլորտ: Տուրիզմ, Հյուրանոցներ

Քաղաք: Երևան

Աշխատավարձ: Competitive, depending on previous experience

Հրապարակվել է: 12.02.2019

Վերջնաժամկետ: 14.03.2019


MICE/ Tourism Manager is responsible for the overall quality and profitability of the events. From RFP receiving and beginning of a project to final reporting, this position requires ensuring total satisfaction of the client as well as enhancing the professional image of Go2Armenia. The MICE/ Tourism Manager gives direction and implements all company standards and required duties.


- Manage events efficiently, effectively and with total quality control; 
- Keep up to date on the status of all the upcoming events and meetings and client relationships daily; 
- Review incoming e-mail messages and resolve issues; 
- Plan, monitor and report on budgets as well as status for each request in work on a weekly basis; 
- Manage client relationships to enhance the image of Go2Armenia;
- Up-sell Go2Armenia services and related products to produce future business; 
- Write proposals and respond to requests for proposals; 
- Prepare timelines, critical path and monitor these activities throughout the duration of the project; 
- Negotiate contracts on behalf of clients with hotels, suppliers, etc.; 
- Monitor and approve expense reports for on-site staff; 
- Educate oneself in international event industry; 
- Ensure quality control in all operations; 
- Oversee and provide guidance to the project team;
- Perform other job-related duties that may be assigned.


    - Ability to perform each of the duties outlined in the job description satisfactorily; 
    - At least 2 years of experience in organizing events; 
    - Experience in creating and managing conference/ events budgets of a value exceeding 100,000 USD; 
    - Ability to work well with clients and respond to inquiries and requests in a timely and professional manner; 
    - Ability to work with clients of different cultures and with different expectations; 
    - Ability to address client's ideas, suggestions and concerns and implement whenever possible; 
    - Diplomacy, tact, exceptional communication skills and customer service; 
    - Solid knowledge of MS Office programs; 
    - Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English, Russian and Armenian languages; knowledge of a third language is a true asset.

    Additioal Notes

    Interested candidates are welcome to send their resume and a cover letter to mentioned email comindicating the position title ("MICE/ Tourism Manager") in the subject line of the email. 

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