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Internship of Prompt Engineering


Industry: Information Technologies, Software Development
City: Yerevan
Employment type: Full Time
Work experience: Not required
Job posting has expired

We are thrilled to announce a new internship opportunity at Analysed related to prompt engineering. The intern will be responsible for tackling various issues related to prompt engineering, under the guidance and supervision of their respective teams.

The primary roles and responsibilities include:

  • Working on specific projects or tasks to enhance understanding and application of prompt engineering techniques.
  • Collaborating with the programming, data science, and mathematical modeling teams to identify and address challenges, and to develop innovative solutions.
  • Participating in regular meetings, workshops, and training sessions to improve their skills and knowledge, as well as to share their insights and experiences with the colleagues.
  • Documenting the progress and findings, and providing regular updates to the management team and board members.


  • Advanced level of English is a must,

  • Experience working with chatbots or conversational AI systems (such as Chat GPT),

  • Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail,

  • Passion for learning and developing new skills.

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