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Senior Node.js Developer


Industry: Information Technologies

City: Yerevan

Salary: 800,000 - 1,500,000 AMD Net

Employment type: Full time

Deadline: 12/23/2021


  • Develop web applications with modern technologies,
  • Read, understand and modify codes,
  • Help to design and create RESTful APIs to drive functionality,
  • Ensure optimal performance of the central database and responsiveness to front-end requests,
  • Collaborate with team members effectively and take part in team discussions.


  • Excellent knowledge of algorithms and data structures,
  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript and TypeScript,
  • Excellent knowledge and experience of working with Node.js for over 3 years, understanding of the event loop,
  • Working experience with Redis and WebSockets,
  • Strong proficiency in working with database systems such as MongoDB, MySQL, and/or PostgreSQL,
  • Experience in Labeled Property Graph Databases (e.g. Neo4J, TigerGraph, AWS Neptune, Azure Cosmos DB, or similar) and Graph query languages (e.g. Gremlin, SPARQL, Cypher, or similar) will be a great plus,
  • Working experience with Node.js web frameworks such as Express.js,,
  • Experience building RESTful APIs,
  • Experience with code coverage, unit testing, and integration tests,
  • Experience with microservices and respective architecture design principles and scalability best practices,
  • Experience in conducting system end-to-end testing.