Bakery/Pastry Section Manager

Carrefour Armenia

Industry: Sales, Business Development

City: Yerevan

Employment type: Full time

Deadline: 7/9/2021


Carrefour Armenia is looking for a Section manager who will be responsible for managing the Bakery/Pastry section in an efficient manner and contribute to achieve  the profitable growth of  the Store.

Key Responsibilities:

1.      Fixed and Intangible Assets

1.1  Keep the company's equipment and assets in good condition

1.2  Follow the hygiene and safety rules of the Section and local authorities

1.3  Ensure the respective warehouses & sections are well kept and clean

1.4  Ensure sufficient supply of raw material, accurate labeling of items and correct pricing.


2.      Human Resources

2.1  Schedule staff's working hours and delegate appropriate responsibilities and monitor their appearance

2.2  Motivate and empower staff and redress their requirements periodically

2.3  Train the staff & prepare succession planning for potential candidates and high performers.

2.4  Ensure that there are adequate and qualified staff to hand the quantity and quality of merchandises/promoters.


3.      Merchandise

3.1  Ensure to have an appropriate & adequate assortment of items in terms of quantity, quality and price range.

3.2  Ensure that product displays are properly arranged, filled, tidy regularly, cleaned and properly labeled

3.3  Make sure that linear display reflects the sales figures.

3.4  Plan and negotiate promotions frequently in order to get best deals.

3.5  Study and check the competitor's price level frequently and take the appropriate decision in 2 level decision for all company image related.

3.6  Control stock carefully and adjust accordingly by monitoring purchase order and sales.

3.7  Control the suppliers manpower who performs the role of merchandises/promoters.


4.      Finance

4.1  Utilize the section's available budget and prepare the monthly report.

4.2  Check the gross margin and monitor by weekly inventory & need to be transparent.

4.3  Stock control to be balance with sales & purchase.

4.4  Waste must be in control following budget & follow recipe card for all production.

4.5  Verify and check all due to, suppliers payments before authorization.

4.6  Section Manager is responsible for his/her section inventory result & full participation. ( Weekly & Monthly , Quarterly , Yearly  )

4.7  All in house production item must be compared with cost calculation before to  validate for sales.


4.8  Packaging purchase must be in control with minimum number of days stocks every inventory.

Required Qualifications

  • University Graduate preferably in Commerce/Business Management/Retail/Marketing Management with 5 years experience in Fresh Food environment mainly in Bakery & Pastry shop factory or in any retailer.
  • Computer literate
  • Knowledge of bakery & pastry production & control.
  • A good understanding of the total supply chain & management.
  • Good negotiating, commercial and operational skills.
  • Demonstrate customer-care.
  • Be pleasant and available to customers.
  • Be a good team player.

Additional notes

All interested Candidates can send their CVs to email, or write us a short letter including about education, work experience and skills.

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