Language exchange partner/Trip partner


Industry: Entertainment

City: Yerevan

Employment type: Full time

Deadline: 7/7/2021


I'm a 21-year-old boy from China, lived in the USA during my teenage years so I speak non-native level English. I'm self-employed so I have a lot of free time to do something I like to. Now I living in Yerevan, I'd like to have someone to talk to keep English skills in use. If you are a student and like to have a friend to study and play together meanwhile also getting paid. This is the job for you.


Location: Yerevan

Gender: Female

Age: 18-25

Able to make time for this job

Cheerful personality

No smoking

Like outdoor hiking, visiting places

Speak conversational-level of English

Preferred if you speak Ukrainian/Russian, I'm interested in learning them! they are awesome! 

Preferred if you have a personal hobby or blog, I'd love to appreciate your work


Be attentive in the conversation

Additional notes:

If your profile meets the mentioned requirements send your CV.

I'd love to have a photo of you then I'll send mine :D We will talk more on Whatsapp

The schedule is flexible, let me know how much time you have in the message. All conversations will be kept confidential.

Salary is paid daily, 10000AMD. When we hung out, all expenses will be on me.

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