French call center specialist (Cold calls)


Industry: Marketing, Advertising, PR

City: Yerevan

Employment type: Fixible

Deadline: 5/2/2020

To start cooperation you will need:

  • Knowledge of the French language at the native level (not lower than C1)
  • Free time at least 5 hours a day
  • The desire to communicate with people (experience as a translator will be a plus, experience with cold calls will also be a plus)
  • "Fishing rod" (computer, Internet, headset)

What will occupy the bulk of the working time:

  • Communication with customers in French (by phone/mail)
  • Work with orders in the CRM system (teach)
  • Care for customers requiring increased attention (in case of complaints/complaints)

We offer:

  • Salary from $ 1,000 per month +% of completed orders
  • Daily use of the French language
  • Work from home! You are not attached to the office and can work from anywhere.
  • Schedule from 10 to 19 Moscow time, but partial employment is also possible.


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