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Java Software Developer


Java Software Developer


Industry: Information Technologies

City: Yerevan

Published: 5/12/2019

Deadline: 6/11/2019

Java Software Developer Position at AdInSy

Title: Senior Software Developer

Location: Yerevan, Armenia

Application Deadline: June 11, 2019.

Description: We focus on developing highly sophisticated and complex intelligent algorithms to automate business processes for our customers. Primary requirements include hands-on Java programming experience, experience with different databases, e.g., Oracle, experience with SQL, and analytical thinking. Candidates are expected to work on backend components using classic Java primarily focusing on developing new algorithms or enhancing existing software to solve business problems. Mostly working remotely from home but be flexible to work in office environment with peers when needed.


  • Collaborate with offshore team members in developing new products
  • Enhance existing software to add new features
  • Be flexible in using different technologies
  • Be efficient in using memory and CPU
  • Command a good code writing skill using proper naming convention, comments, etc.
  • Actively participate in the design, implementation, and debugging of the software and database

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor or higher degree in Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, Computer Sciences, Mathematics or related disciplines
  • At least 5 years working experience with Java
  • Understanding of the Object-Oriented Programming and implementation of a proper architecture.
  • Working experience with databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, etc.
  • Knowledge of SQL language, experience with complex nested SQL statements
  • Knowledge and working experience with different data structures, e.g., trees, queues, lists, etc.
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Good English is essential to communicate with offshore team members and write documents
  • Be flexible in possible USA travel arrangements

Desired Qualifications:

  • Thorough understanding of algorithm complexity, differences between P, NP, NP-Complete.
  • Analyzing algorithm complexity, memory and CPU tradeoff, and optimizing the implementation
  • Be familiar with standard well-known algorithms and their complexity
  • Be efficient in using memory, writing code, and developing fast algorithms
  • Working experience with graphs, networks and related algorithms
  • Academic knowledge of optimization algorithms, e.g., Simplex, Newton's algorithms, Dantzig-Wolfe decomposition, etc.

Salary: Highly competitive salary, annual performance-based bonus, and other benefits.

Interview Procedure: Candidates should send their CVs and inquiries and selected candidates will have a formal interview by phone and/or in person.


About Company: Our company is located in USA, and we are specializing in developing different applications to help our business partners in analyzing company operations, providing analytical tools to visualize and keep track of key performance indicators, optimizing business operations and automating some of the processes. We pay a special attention on developing very fast optimization algorithms for very complex business problems.

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