Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia


About Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia

5 years during which we have tested various approaches, trying to find the best and most efficient model, which could lead to better workforce development and startup acceleration. During these years we have faced numerous challenges but due to our small but energetic and cool staff we successfully have overcome them.
The center, in collaboration with IT companies has developed a training program, which enables learning programming in a very short period but in line with the requirements of IT companies. More than 5,000 people have passed our training sessions and are currently employed by local and international companies in Armenia and abroad.
Since 2012 up to now more than 15 coding bootcamp programs have been carried out with leading IT companies, involving more than 400 participants. Most of them are successfully employed with the partner companies, such as  Sourcio, Monitis, Volo, Digitain, Praemium, Picsart, Betconstruct and etc.
35 startups have participated in the startup acceleration program, introduced in 2013-2014 and attracted more than $2 million funding. During Demo Days most of the teams have managed to find potential partners and initiate their first arrangements with potential investors.
MIC Armenia has supported 5 startups to go to San Francisco and experience the essence of Silicon Valley, meet potential investors, representatives of IT community and potential partners.
MIC, in partnership with various partners have organized 5 Hackathon [YAN]-s and other topic-specific hackathons, various contests and events with the participation of 300 teams and 1,500 people. Hackathon [YAN] 2015 has united more than 300 people in Vanadzor.
Recently we are collaborating with regional startup contests, such as SeedStars, Slush, TractionCamp, and the winners of Armenian selection usually end up in the top ten.