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About Acquerant

We provide solutions that make your business run smoothly.

Having years of expertise in the consulting industry, we have helped our clients across the globe to bring out the best in their companies through positive and sustainable change. Thanks to our qualified consultants’ team and professional approach we have earned the trust of our clients and have built valuable partnerships.

As every business challenge is unique, we make sure to constantly update our industry knowledge to offer a wider perspective when dealing with complex issues.
Our team is made up of experienced professionals, who have had an enormous contribution in various areas including management consulting, accounting and finance, research and development, biotechnology, clinical research, IT, applied statistics, SAS programming, and more.

Our leading professionals have over 20 years of experience during which they have worked for EU and US markets with companies such as IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Alkaloid AD Skopje, and Cebis International SRL and others.