Red Bull Caucasus

23 Baggovutivska street, Kiev

About Red Bull Caucasus

Red Bull is a company of success-oriented, passionate entrepreneurs. Professional, yet real and informal. It's not just a lifestyle brand, it's a lifestyle - not 9 to 6, but 24/7. It's a place where the innovator, doer, perfectionist, strategist, and rebel intersect.

When you work at Red Bull, you rise to the occasion when stakes are high. You don't take yourself too seriously, but you take your work seriously. When you finish the project at hand, instead of sitting back thinking "job well done," you ask, "What's next?"

You're a valued member of a highly dedicated team. From day one, you're given big responsibilities and expected to make significant contributions. At the end of each week, you're ready for the next one to start, because you're always looking forward.

Most jobs take energy. This one gives it. Are you ready for your wings?