The Best Job in the World

Are you looking for the world\'s best job? Then get ready to apply!

Interior design careers are getting popular

Interior design careers are exciting, creative and dynamic. Interior design is becoming a popular field of work due to many people now wanting to renovate their homes. This could be due to the success of home improvement TV shows, magazines and websites.

Emerging "green economy" could create millions of jobs

Efforts to tackle climate change could create millions of new "green jobs" over the next few decades. That\'s according to "Green Jobs: Towards Decent Work in a Sustainable, Low-Carbon World, a report put together by the United Nations Environment Programme, the International Labour Office, the International Trade Union Confederation and the International Organization of Employers.

Brain Fitness

Our memories form a large part of who we are. Tiny lapses of memory make us feel like we\'re losing ourselves. As we age, these lapses of memory become more frequent.

Coverage- Wall Street Crisis

Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and Merrill Lynch. As the world watched, some of the biggest names on Wall Street disappeared - literally overnight - and reports now say the only certain thing we can know is that the "era of unbridled free-market economy in the US has passed at least for now.

Waiting for a Solution

Since the real estate crashing down in the US last August, the world economy has been facing problems. The recent situation in the markets showed that the economists all over the world should concentrate on giving a solution.

Business in Armenia

Business statistics about Armenia. In the Forbes list of the Best Countries for Business, published this June, Armenia is on the 63rd place, just after Botswana and before India.

DigiTec 2008

DigiTec, an Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and High Tech exhibition, is taking place on October 3-5, at Epygi office park, Halabyan 16. For more information visit </br>